When and where did the first nesting dolls appear, who did invent it?

The first Russian nesting doll turned by Vassily Zvezdochkin and painted by Sergey Malyutin was eight: the girl with a black rooster was followed by a boy, then a girl again and so on. All figurines were different from each other, and the last, the eighth, was depicted as a swaddled baby.

The exact date is unknown but usually called the end of the 19th century, although there is mention and 1900, when the matryoshka won recognition at the world exhibition in Paris and there were orders for its production abroad.

Why is the original wooden doll was called “matryoshka”? Almost unanimously all researchers refer to the fact that this name is derived from the female name Matrona, widespread in Russia: “the Name Matryona comes from the Latin Matrona, which means “noble woman”, the Church has been written by the Matron.

There is a belief that if you put a note with a wish inside the doll, it will come true, and the more labor invested in the doll, the more pieces contans the painted dolls, the faster the wish will come true. The nesting doll is warm and cozy in the house.