Bronze Horseman Decorative Plate

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This elegant Russian porcelain decorative wall plate represents the Bronze Horseman, a very famous monument to Peter the Great.


Diamtr 200 mm (8 in), 40 g

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This elegant Russian decorative wall plate represents the Bronze Horseman, a very famous St. Petersburg monument to Peter the Great. It is painted in austere color scheme that is so consonant with Saint-Petersburg spirit. The Bronze Horseman is undoubtedly one of the oldest and well-known symbols of Saint-Petersburg, Russia`s nothern capital.
The plate has been handcrafted at the Lomonosov (Imperial) Porcelain Factory founded in 1744 in St. Petersburg by decree of Empress Elizabeth, Peter the Great’s daughter. It became the first enterprise in Russia and the third in Europe. This factory is a unique phenomenon. Its porcelain represents indeed the traits of typically Russian perception of beauty. Their masters create hand-made and hand-painted porcelain and continue noble artistic traditions set by famous Russian sculptors and artists. The porcelain of the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory is exhibited in the largest Russian and foreign museums all over the world, such as the State Hermitage, the Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg, the State Museum of History, Moscow, the Victor and Albert’s Museum, London, Metropolitan Museum, New York, and others.

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