Candies Grillies soft roasting Red October 200 g


Chocolate-coated Confectionery with praline filling, consisting of ground chocolate & nut mix with crushed almonds. Produced on the the famous Krupskaya confectionary factory.

200 g

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B / W / Y, gram: 10,0 / 27,0 / 53,0, energy value, kcal: 500, shelf life, month: 8 Sweets “Grilyazhnye” soft grilling – malleable sweet sweetness from the factory “Red October”. A generous portion of crushed nuts, combined in a slender brick with soft caramel, reminiscent of the texture of nougat, is covered with a layer of dark chocolate glaze. A distinctive feature of the wrapper of these sweets is a dark green wave on a traditional lime background. JSC “Red October”

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