Candy Grilyazhnye Red October 200 g


Candy Griliazhnie Red October. Chocolate-coated confectionery with praline filling, consisting of ground chocolate & nut mix with crushed almonds. Produced on the the famous Red October confectionary factory.

200 g

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Candy Grilyazhinie  Red October. B / W / Y, gram: 10,0 / 27,0 / 53,0, energy value, kcal: 500, best before: 8th month. Sweets “Grilyazhnye” soft grilling – malleable sweet sweetness from the factory “Red October”. A generous portion of crushed nuts, combined in a slender brick with soft caramel, reminiscent of the texture of nougat, is covered with a layer of dark chocolate glaze. A distinctive feature of the wrapper of these sweets is a dark green wave on a traditional lime background. JSC “Red October”.

The chocolate candies are produced at the oldest confectionery company in Russia “Krasny Oktyabr” (“Red October”), which is one of the largest and most famous Moscow confectionery manufacturers in Russia. The official date of Foundation of the company is 1851. This year a workshop for the manufacture of chocolates and chocolate was opened by a German man from Wurttemberg Theodor Ferdinand von Einem.

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