Chocolate Alenka Red October Milk 100 gr


Classic milk chocolate Alenka.100 gr

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Classic milk chocolate Alenka.

B / W / Y, grams: 7,0 / 34,0 / 53,0, energy value, kcal: 550, best before: 12 month.

Classic milk chocolate “Alenka” is a delicate taste familiar from childhood. Invariable since 1966, a recipe, a classic, world-famous wrapper with the image of a blue-eyed girl – this chocolate invariably evokes warm nostalgic feelings. Dense fragile texture of the tile, melting creamy chocolate taste, rich flavor – the same chocolate “Alenka”, the pride of the factory “Red October”.

Red October is the oldest confectionery company in the country, which is one of the largest and most famous Moscow confectionery manufacturers in Russia.

The official date of Foundation of the company is 1851. This year a workshop for the manufacture of chocolates and chocolate was opened by a German man from Wurttemberg Theodor Ferdinand von Einem.

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