Orenburg Shawl “Fineness”

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Shawls have been part of traditional Russian Women’s costumes since the 18th Century. The famous Orenburg woven shawls are made entirely by hand.

100% wool

Width: 600 mm (24 in)
Length: 1600 mm (63 in), 250 g

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The Orenburg region of Russia is famous for its shawls, known as Orenburg shawls/scarves or wedding ring shawls, finely knit lace shawls.
100% wool

The shawls are made of a blend of silk thread and goat fiber. Goats are brushed each spring to collect fiber. Each goat gives off about a pound of fiber. The fiber is then handspun using a spindle. It is then plied against a commercial silk thread. Silk helps hold the shape of a lace and increases strength of a shawl.

Many people ask what kind of material (wool) is used for knitting Orenburg shawls. Authentic Orenburg shawls are made of goat down. People in Orenburg area breed species of goats that give not only milk but perfect soft and light down.

Goat down shawls are durable in usage. The more shawl is used, the more attractive it is.
Every shawl is unique.

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