Princess Java Jasmine green flavored tea in sachets, 25 pcs


Aromatized green tea in bags Princess Java Jasmine is a refined blend of Chinese medium leaf tea and jasmine petals

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Princess Java Jasmine green flavored tea in sachets very special Chinese green tea Classic green tea, in which the petals of jasmine flowers are added. Its distinctive feature is a delicate floral fragrance and a strong refreshing effect. It is generally accepted that tea with jasmine is a stepping stone to the world of green tea. Its taste is more understandable to those who are accustomed to the strong and expressed taste of black tea, and only learning to understand the subtle shades and semitones of taste and aroma inherent in green tea.Tea has a delicate flavor and a delicate aroma of jasmine, which stimulates the functions of the brain, and also has a refreshing effect.

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