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“Princess Java” Traditional, the Chinese name of this tea is “zhu cha” or “pearl tea”. In English it is called ‘gunpowder’ because of its leaves’ form which are twisted into small black balls that look navy gunpowder. This grade is extremely popular in Central Asia and northern Africa. In Morocco this tea is usually brewed in teapots with addition of sugar, mint and lemon.

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Princess Java Traditional – excellent green chinese tea!
The green tea history numbers nearly five thousand years. It is of the same age as Egypt pyramids. Nevertheless it is very modern drink that becomes increasingly popular all over the world and Russia is not an exception to this trend. There are many reasons for the growing popularity of green tea. Green tea contains a set of practically all known vitamins. Physicians unanimously confirm this beverage to be extremely beneficial for health. Moreover, green tea quenches thirst. Produced by Russian *Orimi Trade* Co.
Orimi Trade company was founded in 1994 and achieved successful results in hot beverages business quite fast. The focus on the corporate own brands, on maintaining the highest product quality at affordable price brought its results. In the year 2000 the company started operating its own factory “Nevskie Porogi”.At present Orimi Trade is the leader of the Russian tea market with the largest market share. Accordingly to the information of the independent research agencies each third cup of tea drunk in Russia is produced by Orimi Trade. The number of origin

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