Russian Ivan Tea


IVAN-TEA FERMENTED MONASTERY, RUSSIAN TEA, 75 Eco-certificates: 100% natural product Application: for intake Country of origin: Russia Brand: Russian tea Weight: 75 g

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Ivan Tea contains a large number of vitamins of group B and C, it is rich in protein easily digestible organism, it includes most of the periodic table, as well as bio-flavonoids, mucus, pectin and tannins. At the same time in Ivan Chay there are no harmful substances such as purine, oxalic and uric acid, as well as caffeine. With regular use, Ivan Chai: 1. Has a calming effect. 2. Relieves fatigue and depression. 3. Increases immunity. 4. Normalizes metabolism. 5. Effective for the prevention and treatment of prostate adenoma. 6. It is useful for pregnant and lactating women. 7. Simply and quickly saturates the body with energy

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