Russian Orenburg Kerchief

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This marvelous Triangular Orenburg Kerchief is so light and gorgeous. In spite of its weightlessness, you can use it during winter times.

100% wool

Height: 900 mm (35 in)
Width: 1800 mm (71 in), 250 g

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This marvelous triangular Orenburg Kerchief was knitted in Orenburg region. This region is world famous by a century old tradition of shawl making. The delicate kerchief is knitted of the finest Orenburg goat down thread with addition of a silk one. It is very light. In spite of its weightlessness, you can use it during cold winter times.
100% wool

In Russia with cold and long winters, women used to wear such shawls everyday, especially in a country area. Each woman has at least two shawls – one for everyday usage and other one for holidays.

Orenburg goats down shawls are unique products and they demand unique equipment, unique technological process and high skill of workers. In the past, Orenburg shawls were handspun and hand knitted, a shawl-maker should spend about 2 weeks to weave a quality shawl not counting efforts and time spent for preparing yarn and threads. In the end, quality of a ready shawl greatly depended on qualification of a weaver and its price was so high that not many women could afford to wear beautiful shawls.

Nowadays the main part of Orenburg shawls, scarves, tippets, cobwebs are knitted by hand, only most labour-intensive and routine operations are made by machines. It allows knitters to concentrate only on creative operation of shawl knitting. The fact that some operations are machine made does not degrade quality of shawls and specific features of real hand-made Orenburg shawls but makes these items more perfect.

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