Russian Souvenir. Russian songs and romances. Nikolai Kopylov

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Best Russian Folk Songs are included into this CD. There you can find the world famous “Korobeyniki”, “Evening Bells”, “Dark Eyes”.

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Russian songs and romances are represented on this CD. Soloist: Nikolay Kopylov. Copyrighted CD version
Track name:
1. Korobeyniki
2. Along Piterskaya
3. Spiner
4. Metelitsa
5. Evening Bells
6. Troika
7. Oh, my seni…
8. Doubt. M. Glinka
9. Mid the Noise of the Ball. P. Tchaykovsky
10. Don Juan’s Serenade. P. Tchaykovsky
11. Don Quichot’s Serenade. D. Kabalevsky
12. Barynia
13. I have meet you
14. Misty morning
15. Burn, burn my star
16. Is not present, not you so ardently I love
17. Srars in the sky.
18. Crysanthemums
19. The Coachman, do not drive horses
20. Black Eyes
21. Russian Pliasovaya

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